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Professional, transparent and completely unique services available. We cater to a board scope of people with a vast spectrum of needs. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs, we want  to help you get YOUR future to thrive!

Our Services

Our passion to make a difference is the driving force behind building a humanitarian service that is designed and created by our clients, tailored to their needs. We have been working with individuals who are faced with multiple challenges and assisting them in any way possible to achieve their goals.

Our focus is on personal values and individual needs but we share tha focus on individuals being apart of something, be it, a team, a group, an event or just a community. We feel humans need others, not just to survive but to grow and be fulfilled.

With community cohesion, we know we are all better off, by sticking together, we are stronger; coexistence is possible. With inclusion available for every individual throughout one of our programs, our aim is to reach and help as many people as we can sustain.

We are looking for Expressions Of Interest in the following program areas.

Growth Day Programs

From Monday to Friday our new programs will run on a term by term timetable.

On offer will be a number of activities and lessons that clients or possible future clients, can elect to participate in throughout the term.

You can opt to attend 1 activity a day, 1 a week or the entire week, packages are completely flexible and charged at single unit rates.

Lodge your expression of interest →

  • Gym
  • Sustainable Farming
  • Healthy Living
  • Technology
  • Wood Work
  • Arts
  • Music
  • Yoga
  • Job Find Assistance
  • Practical Living Skills

Vacation Care

We understand that school holidays can be an exhausting and at times stressful period for carers and parents. We can help take a load off. We have energetic support workers that will take your kids on a adventure of a life time, playing, interacting and engaging the children; our team are trained to know when to step in and when to step out, some children may have social difficulties that make it hard at times for them to make friends. With a little help, they can create lasting friendship bonds. Come along and participate in our fun and active school holiday programs with your child for a day or even a few hours to experience the the vibe of the program. We run 2 week block programs during the school holidays; you can choose to attend 1 day or all 10 days it’s up to you.

Social Groups

Social groups are for any topic or interest in varied environments, with the focus on the groups’ overall individual interest but not the member’s abilities or cultural denominations.

Some social activities include: Holidays, Women’s Circles, Men’s Meets, Parenting Circles, Fun Day Meets. As well as recreational activities such as: Wind tunnel lessons, Swimming, Cannoning, Fishing, Cooking, Movie nights and other adventures. Some Interest Groups could include: Animal Husbandry, Cooking, Sports & Rec, Music, Arts, Technology, Nature/Gardening, Communications.

We are ready to hear your story and start working on options for the future

Case Managment

Case Managers will be focused on meeting all clients’ needs. The Case Manager will coordinate and consult with key service providers and government funded organisations to ensure that the plan to help the client develop appropriately is confirmed, implemented and has a strong focus upon meeting the client’s wants as well as needs. Along side of this case managers will provide and coordinate activities that will cater for client’s individual goals/needs to improve health and well being. Options could include;

  • Liaison with equipment providers.
  • Administration assistance.
  • Advocacy.
  • Coordination of staff.
  • Coordination of medical.

and the list goes on with many different options available for individuals.

In-Home Support & Respite

Respite care is short term temporary relief to those who are caring for family members and/or others, who might otherwise require permanent placement in a facility outside their home; They may also have permanent residency within their home but are in need of assistance to help them fulfill their daily responsibilities and activities. In- home support or respite is a service where Amiability staff can assist in a number of tasks within the home to support for families and/or clients that are in need of:

  • Personal care.
  • House cleaning.
  • Garden maintenance.
  • Preparing of meals.

and a number of other duties and responsibilities.